Toddler travel essentials

Travelling with a toddler is no joke as it requires more than just a light packing. There are certain items that are a necessity but certain items which can work well in many different magnitude ways. Here are certain jdl thai travel essentials which can work well for every trip.

Tent for a toddler

If you are someone who keeps travelling and where you have to move quickly, a tent for the toddler will work wonders. It is small enough to fit in a medium-sized suitcase but can be expanded to make sure that you baby gets his rest.

White noise machine

When there are kids involved, it is better that you carry a white noise machine as it helps you block out any sounds. When you are on your trip, there are possibilities that your neighbours are quite loud, but carrying a white noise machine can help your baby sleep soundly.

Inflatable airplane cushion


There are times where one has to make a long flight and not being prepared is one of the toughest mistake one can do. Try to make sure that you are getting flight approved inflatable beds which can make the trip for you as well as other a pleasant one.


Carry a lightweight blanket with you to make sure that when it gets cold, your toddler has something to keep warm. This gives the toddler a similar sleeping experience as there in their safe environment.

iPad with headphone

This is one way to keep your child busy for a while. Try to fill up the iPad which can give you access to a variety of games which can keep them busy and a headphone will make sure that they do not disturb anyone on the plane.

Toddler carrier

There are many times that you can stroll your baby around. Having a toddler carrier can make all the difference as it allows your hand to be free and can be the perfect companion for all your trips. This can also make your trip a bit active where you will shed some weight.

Snack cup

Snack cup is one essential which one needs to carry where ever you go. This can help you keep snacks in a safe container which can be the best kind of distraction for you kid. Keeping a regular container helps them make sure that they have everything in one place rather than the floor.

First aid

Toddlers are bound to get hurt, and it is always a better idea to make sure that they are taken care. Also, if you are in a different country, it is difficult to find the right medication with the right instructed dosage. Also, make sure to carry a band-aid, thermometer and antiseptic liquid to treat any hurt.

Toddler travel essentials

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